REMED-UK Regional Lead Recruitment

I am emailing on behalf of Melanin Medics. We are a UK-based registered charity which specializes in widening participation for African and Caribbean medical students and doctors.

Melanin Medics Research Network is excited to announce a fantastic research opportunity titled: Factors influencing Research Engagement and attainment among Medical students in the United Kingdom (REMED-UK). 

REMED-UK is a prospective, national, multi-centre study that aims to produce evidence-based reports that will guide UK medical schools and relevant organisations in developing resources and programmes to increase the number of future academic clinicians, and resolve inequalities in research opportunities and attainments amongst future clinicians.

We are currently recruiting medical students across UK medical schools as regional leads for the study. Regional leads are required to disseminate an online questionnaire amongst their peers, from March to May 2021. To qualify as a PubMed Indexed Collaborator, your role as a regional lead will be to recruit a minimum of 30 medical students survey respondents from your medical school. We will invite the top overall recruiters onto the main authorship line.

We ask that you please advertise this fantastic new opportunity amongst your students. If there are any enthusiastic and hardworking medical students who are willing to work with us on this high-quality research project, please encourage them to complete and submit the below form.

Successful students will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in a high quality research study and gain new skills
  • Gain PubMed-indexed collaborator and/or authorship status

The application deadline is 20th February 2021. For any enquiries, please contact us at