BSc Evaluation Survey – Y6

BSc Evaluation Survey

Dear Year 6 medical students, 

We are inviting you to participate in our study which explores the impact that early year research experience has on student research and professional skills. 

What will this involve? 

Participation will involve completing a short online survey! 

What will I gain from being involved? 

All participants of this study will be entered into a raffle to win a £50 Amazon gift card  

How do I sign up? 

You can fill in the short survey here 

We are also inviting students to participate in an online focus group. These will be held on Microsoft Teams and will last up to 1h. Participants will receive a certificate of participation and will be entered into a raffle to win a £50 Amazon gift card. If you would like to partake in this, you can leave your contact details using the link at the end of the survey above, or sign up here  

Where can I find further information about the study? 

You can find further information about the research project here!