Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA) – Free Resource Launch

The Edinburgh Guide to the PSA (edPSA) is a community resource designed to support final-year medical students preparing for the Prescribing Safety Assessment.

We guide students through each section of the exam in a concise eight-part video series. All resources, including our PSA-style questions, have been rigorously reviewed by a series of physicians to ensure clinical accuracy and best practice. The video series will be live on our website and YouTube channel on Monday 18th January 2021. 

To access the all resources, please visit If you have any questions or comments, please email us at

Disclaimer: edPSA is not affiliated with, or endorsed by the BPS, MSC or their affiliated product – the PSA. The team is composed of 15 medical students from the University of Edinburgh. We created our content with the support of Prof. Simon Maxwell (PSA Medical Director) and several senior doctors. For more details, see the about page on our website.