ICSM Women Self Care Group

Being a woman in medicine has its own challenges. ICSM women need a safe space to share thoughts, experiences and dilemmas in medicine. We felt ICSM lacked this. Inspired by the success of similar university groups, three final year students have created a facebook group called ICSM Women Self Care for those whose identity includes women or non-binary. This is a platform to share problems no matter how big or small and to discuss the issues important to us.

Examples where the group may be helpful include:
• Discussing challenges in medical school
• Sharing experiences
• Seeking advice on dilemmas
• Self-care tips
• Sharing resources
• Connecting with other ICSM women
• Advertising events of interest to other women

Although there is no official affiliation with IC/ICSM, the welfare team have been in touch to endorse the project. We would like the group to grow and represent the diverse community of women in ICSM. All shared experiences and thoughts can help other women, so please consider joining. You will be prompted to answer 3 questions on joining and then permitted entry. Please also share with alumni who you think may be interested: https://www.facebook.com/groups/icsmwomenselfcare
Thank you and welcome to the community. Happy posting!!