BMA Medical Students Conference

The BMA medical students conference is an opportunity for all UK medical students to get together and present an idea of any medical school change that they’d like to see, usually in the form of a motion.

If you are passionate about a particular topic or have been affected by something at medical school, this is the perfect opportunity to speak up so that it can be changed and put into formal policy.
At this stage, motions/changes that you would like to see only need to be in the form of ideas, not formal motions just yet! After consultation with your BMA representatives, this can then be rewritten as a motion.

Use this link to submit your ideas now (also in our Instagram bio!):

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT MOTION IDEAS: 10th January 2021. Please feel free to message our FB page @bmaimperial, our Instagram page @bma_imperial, or contact your BMA representatives by email (shortcodes: ad417 and oc5118).