Health Community Letter – COP26 Climate Talks

Dear members of ICSM,

I am getting in touch regarding an open letter to the UK Government and leadership of the COP26 climate talks coordinated by Medact, Students for Global Health, the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and Health Declares. 

The letter calls for the health of people and planet to be prioritised in the run up the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow next year. Specifically, it asks that the UK Government and COP26 leaders: 1) Commit to ambitious and historically accurate emissions reductions. 2) Permanently cancel all new fossil fuel extractive projects. 3) Guarantee a fossil free COP26 by ensuring that fossil fuel companies and lobbyists are not able to access the negotiations.

Climate change has been declared the greatest threat to human health of the 21st century. The health community has a key role to play in calling for action to tackle the planetary health emergency, and as members of (insert organisation), your voice is an integral part of this community.

  • You can read and sign the letter here
  • You can share your support on social media and email, using the action pack created by Medact here

If you would like to know more and be part of the campaign, you can sign up to the launch up of their upcoming climate and health justice at COP26 report here

Belen Alonso Garcia

SfGH National Working Group member