Student Interviewers

This year, candidates will not have to travel to Imperial College, but they will be able to complete the interview session a-synchronously, which means they will not be interviewed “live”, but will be allowed to record a video with their answers. We will use the College software Panopto, which functions in line with GDPR rules and assures confidentiality. This means we will still need student interviewers for the Contribution to ICSM station who will assess these recordings.

The interviews for candidates are due to take place in January and assessments to be undertaken through February. A full training programme will be running in January.  

Please complete the following survey if you’re interested in taking part:

If you are keen to hear more about the admissions process this year, we have created a dedicated page that will tell candidates everything they need to know about MMIs this year, including: preparation tipsinstructions on uploading your video and links about work-experience information