Student Collaboration with Humanitas

We are a company called Humanitas, a medical supplier. With the unfortunate circumstances of Covid-19 we are currently supplying PPE to hospitals and corporates etc.  

We have an opportunity for students to share their Covid-19 experiences to be published on our website in our blogs section. Students would be credited within the blog and the university and the students that partake would be allowed to share it on appropriate platforms. It’s a great chance to get your name out there on a published piece of work that can be shown to prospective employers etc. 

We would be looking to hear your thoughts on your personal Covid experience, changes in your life that you’ve noticed. It would be great for other students reading our blogs to know they’re not alone and others have shared the same experiences as them. Any advice you could offer on the situation and even any inspiration to our audiences would be great!  

We would also be looking for your ‘student prediction’ – this can be based on a piece of research related to Covid-19 which you can then use to forecast what it could mean for the future. It would be interesting to hear your predictions as your generation has been greatly affected by Covid.  

We look forward to reading your blogs – please send them into