Year 2 CfAE Student Shapers

Dear fellow 2nd year students,

This is the StudentShapers team in partnership with the Centre for Academic English (CfAE). Like, you, we are entering the second year of our undergraduate studies

CfAE works with academic staff and students, both native and non-native speakers, to respond to and support their STEMM communication needs

As many of you are aware, the last academic year was the first year of a revised college-wide undergraduate curriculum, which caused many changes to the way our courses are delivered and what is required of you. With these changes, along with a global pandemic, we have all faced new challenges and difficulties in communicating our science effectively. The CfAE wants to adjust its curriculum to better support your changing needs

Being the first year group to experience this revised curriculum, we have a unique perspective, and CfAE wants to learn about our experiences and how they can support us. It would be greatly appreciated if you can complete this 15-18 minuteanonymoussurvey through the link below:

CfAE StudentShaper survey

At the end of the survey we ask if you are willing to participate in focus group discussions. If you are interested, please complete the form at the end of the survey. Participants in these one-hour discussions will receive a £10 Amazon voucher

This process will help CfAE to better understand the difficulties we have encountered and to design programs that will support us in communicating our science and knowledge clearly and effectively. Further information on the project is attached for your information

Kind regards

Agnese Galeazzi, Physics

Atulit Dasaratha, Mechanical Engineering

Dewen Sun, Materials

Emily Li, Materials

Zeling Xiong (Elle), Physics

StudentShapers project in partnership with the Centre for Academic English