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Union Update

I'd like to wish all of our freshers a very warm welcome to the ICSM family, and I hope that you've all enjoyed the first half of freshers' fortnight!

We've still got a week of events to go and you can find the full line-up of our upcoming events here.

Hope to see lots of you at the ICSM Freshers' Ball later today!


ICSMSU Year 6 Notebank

New final year notes have been uploaded to the notebank.

The ICSMSU notebank is password protected, and the password is: ICSMSU

If you have any notes of your own that you would like to share on the notebank, please email the relevant ICSMSU Academic Officer:

Years 1, 2 & GE Year 1: Ken

Years 3, 5 & 6: Syb

Year 4 & BMS: Matt

Surgical Society Award

Introducing the Professor Alun Davies Prize for Undergraduate Research Excellence and Professor Alison McGregor Prize for Postgraduate Research Excellence.

Calling for submission of abstracts and posters. Research in the field of medicine, surgery and basic science are welcome. Deadline for submission 20th October 2012.

Application forms

More information can be found at www.surgicalsociety.org

Any queries, please contact surgical.soc@imperial.ac.uk

Halfway Dinner - Class of 2015

This evening is a celebration of our time spent so far at ICSM and an opportunity for us to start the next 3 years with a bang! With a photo slideshow and a live Twitter feed for you to post memories to, the evening can be spent reminisciing, as well as looking forward to the time we have left. It is also an opportunity to welcome the new members of the class of 2015 and show them how it’s done at ICSM.

Click here for more information.

Buy your tickets now!

Imperial College Right to Play

Waitrose on the Fulham Place Road have selected Imperial Right To Play as one of it’s community matters charities for the month of October. Imperial Right To Play is a student run branch of the International charity Right To Play; who use sport and play as a unique teaching tool to teach children in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world about health, development and peace. So whether you are doing your weekly shop or running in to catch the late night deals, please put a green token in our box and support Right To Play at Imperial this year!

Bringing Research to Life

A new charity at Imperial aiming to raise awareness and vital funds for pioneering child health research at Great Ormond Street Hospital & research partner the UCL Institute of Child Health.

Click here for more information.

5% off Books

Visit www.medicprint.com for books and www.anatomystuff.co.uk for models and charts.

The code is: ICSMMP1213


Dengue Fever Research

Got a few minutes? If yes, then please follow this link and answer a few questions about Dengue Fever

Any questions, feel free to email: nrj10@ic.ac.uk


Improving Radiology Teaching

Fill in this survey to help improve radiology teaching on placements.


Medical Student Experience

Cardiff University is inviting you to take part in a survey that aims to understand medical students’ perspectives of the risk associated with studying medicine. All medical students at Imperial University are being invited to take part and we would really appreciate your participation in this study.

Click here to take part.

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