The Reynolds Bar

Hidden from view behind Charing Cross Hospital, the Reynolds Bar is a gem in the heart of Hammersmith – serving a variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

At Reynolds the best tasting drinks (questionable) are served by the best looking people (unquestionable) at Imperial College.  The most popular drink served here is Snakebite (you may know this simply as ‘purple’ if you are of a northern persuasion) – a blend of cider, beer and blackcurrant however we also serve hot drinks and snacks. Reynolds is where we hold the vast majority of med school social events and it is open five nights a week from 6pm to 11pm. Over your Fresher’s Fortnight you will become well accustomed to it and learn to love this essential institution of ICSM. On Wednesdays and Fridays we stay open late so our students can party on into the small hours. By day the bar also doubles as a student common room and a cafe serves cheap food and hot drinks to keep you nourished through lectures.

Wednesday night is Sports Night where the sports clubs come down to celebrate the day’s victories in the usual raucous style. On Fridays we host our legendary bops in which 450+ happy ICSM students meet to party away their week’s stress. The bar also holds a trophy cabinet housing the vast array of silverware we collect over the year and some “borrowed” memorabilia from other London medical schools. We also have 2 giant screens where we can show films, television and major sporting events – if there is anything particular you would like us to show just ask us in advance and we will happily oblige. If you’re looking for a quiet drink after lectures or a place to relax with your friends where you won’t have to pay extortionate London prices, then look no further!

As well as being medical students by day, by night we double up as managers of the Reynolds bar. When we are not serving drinks or clearing up after a heavy night of fun on our nights off, we can be sighted on the other side of the bar enjoying a casual drink. The Reynolds is  the home of med school events and the venue for all of the Freshers’ Fortnight events, RAG week and the infamous bops to name a few. In 6 years time you will be fondly looking back at your best bits at medschool and most (if not all) will be spent inside these walls.

Lena & Matt