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The Autumn Term is your first taste of RAG with a range of events that EVERYBODY can get involved with. Get ready to dive in, in true ICSM fashion, with a Commuter Collect during Freshers’ Fortnight and then your first black tie ball of the year, Halloween Masquerade Ball. RAG will then give you the chance to show us what you’re made of at Gladiator Sports Night – absolutely not to be missed.


During the Spring Term, we step things up to a whole new level with RAG week. Think Freshers’ 2.0 but better as all your regrettable decisions/ridiculous anecdotes/the cough you just can’t seem to get rid of, are all for a wonderful cause. This week is packed with RAG Invasion, club nights, sports nights, the infamous Circle Line (!) and much, much more. Oldies and young’uns alike throw themselves head first into this unforgettable week of fun, frolic and buckets full of cash.

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And, dear freshers, to help you on that all-important quest to find someone to special to cuddle up to on cold night, RAG present Valentine’s Ball. Boys get your bow ties ready and girls make sure your selfie cameras are polished for the event where love will most certainly be in the air. And then if that wasn’t all enough, we bring you RAG DASH as RAG takes you across the country, yet again heroically raising money for charity. Keep your eyes peeled for the reveal in Freshers’ Fortnight to see where this weekend of debauchery and inexplicable fun will take you!

The year continues with more incredible events such as Fashion Show, Charity Auction and RAG also take on aspects of Finals Fortnight. If volunteering and outreach is something you’re keen to get involved with – let us know; there are also lots of opportunities through the year we can provide. RAG collaborates on events with Music Society and Light Opera Society through the year – something for everyone!!

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