Order of Events 2016

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Day 1: Saturday 1st October

The Mingle

7:00 pm Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd October

Location: Imperial College Union, Beit Quadrangle

Buy your Mingle tickets from your halls! (We’ve just included it in the passport because it’s where you’ll meet us for the first time!) 

Head down to Beit Quad for the Mingle – it does exactly what it says on the tin! ICSMSU will be there, so sift through the crowds and find the us (we will be wearing ICSMSU polos, be surrounded by balloons and having the most fun, it will be easy to find us).

Day 2: Sunday 2nd October

ICSMSU Freshers’ Welcome

1:00 pm, SAF Building, South Kensington campus


You’ve been in London for a few days… you’ve settled into halls… maybe met some nice people…

NOW’S the time to meet the medics: your family for the rest of your time at ICSM! Come and join us at the SAF building at the South Ken campus to pick up your freshers’ packs, meet the SU (if you didn’t get a chance at the Mingle) & your fellow medics and go to town on the free food!

Day 3: Monday 3rd October

The Reynolds Show

7:00 pm, Reynolds Bar, Charing Cross Hospital (nearest tube: Hammersmith)

Price: £13, includes free drinks (within passport – passport holders only)


This is the epic introduction to Med School that everyone’s been talking about and it’s finally your turn to experience it! The Reynolds bar, your second home while you’re at ICSM, is truly the only place to celebrate in your first week as a medic!

Expect to be thrown in at the deep end of life at medical school, carefully ‘coached’ by the slightly more seasoned medics and take your oath to the legendary Phoenix of ICSM! This is an absolute must-attend ceremony and we guarantee you the best time EVER! Let’s get the show on the road!

Day 4: Tuesday 4th October

RAG Collect & Afterparty!

7:00 pm,

After party at TBC

Price: FREE!

Get to experience one of everyone’s favourite memories of medical school in the first few days of freshers – RAG. RAG Buckets in hand, you venture out to tube stations, shopping centres, hospital foyers and around campus! The challenge then starts… To raise as much money as possible for our chosen charity for the year. If you raise the most cash, you’ll also be rewarded with a special prize. Then of course,there’s an after party to celebrate in true RAG style!


Day 5: Wednesday 5th October

Doctors & Nurses

7:00 pm, Reynolds for your wristband

After party at The Qube from 11pm – 6am (Nearest tube station: Victoria)

Price: £8 (within passport)

This is it – the big one! You’ve made it to the epic midweek mayhem that practically involves the whole Med School (even some ex-Imperial doctors!). So get those scrubs out, this is going to be a night of epic proportions!

Don your doctors attire – or if you’re feeling slightly more adventurous (rugby boys), dig out those sexy nurse outfits – and prepare to amaze the general public as swarms of ICSM walk about in outfits that would probably not be suitable for clinical attachments!

Don’t forget to pick up your afterparty wristband from Reynolds at the start of the night.

Day 6: Thursday 6th October

The Big Chill

Reynolds Bar 7pm

Price: £3 (within passport)

After a pretty hectic start to your time at ICSM, take the opportunity to have a slightly more chilled out night with your new friends and head on over to your new spiritual home.

Held by our Light Opera and Music societies, there’ll be live music and performances for you to put your feet up and relax too as tonight’s it’s all about the mellow moods. (You’ll probably want to be on top form for the next night)

If you’re interested in performing, please email Tom. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Day 7: Friday 7th October

Mums & Dads Night

7:00 pm, Reynolds

Afterparty Belushi’s Hammersmith

Price: £4 (within passport)

If you have been misbehaving ever so slightly up to this point, don’t panic, this is not the day where your parents come down to check up on you!* As part of our welfare system, you can sign up to Mums & Dads scheme and meet your medic parent (or just rock up and get ‘adopted’) for an evening of family frolics!

Whether it is telling you everything you want to know about ICSM, passing on fountains of knowledge (and piles of notes) about all things medical (or not…), or just helping you to make some new friends; these guys are the business! They might even buy you a few drinks!

So get down to the Reynolds to meet your new medic parent(s)! Get to know each other, have a couple of drinks and then challenge them on one of the games we have! Don’t forget to have a family portrait taken with your new relatives before you leave the Reynolds!

N.B. We say medic parent, but you will more than likely end up with grandparents, aunts, weird uncles, adopted nephews, 3rd cousins twice removed, pet dolphin etc…

*Do not bring your actual parents (this has been done!)

Day 8: Saturday 8th October

Club Night


Price: £8 (within passport)

You’ve now moved in to London, it’s time to experience a night out here! Bring all you halls friends too and show them the Medic Mantra: Work Hard*, Play Harder

*N/A for freshers

Day 9: Sunday 9th October

Freshers Fitness – Medic Style!

Heston Sports Ground

Price: £10 inc. transport, drinks & barbecue! (within passport – passport holders only)

Come and join us for a day of fun and games organised by the captains of each club. This is one of the best opportunities to meet your fellow freshers and the older years, especially if you’re thinking of joining one of our many sports clubs. Even if you’re not an Olympic athlete, fun is the order of the day!

Remember to bring some cash to refuel at the bar between games, as well as a change of clothes (showers and changing rooms are available on site).

Day 10: Monday 10th October

Pirate Boat Party

7:00 pm, Tower Pier (Nearest tube: Tower Bridge)

Price: £20 (within passport – passport holders only)

Whether you fancy yourself as Jack Sparrow or merely a cabin boy, bring your (plastic) sword and get down to Temple tube station where your SU shipmates will escort you to the docks.  Prepare for an epic voyage of debauchery and discovery as we take you on the high seas (The Thames!)

Don’t spend too long getting ready!  As the pirate code says, “He who falls behind, is left behind!”


*This is a GUARANTEED sell-out as it’s known as one of the best events of the medical school, even the doctors remember their fresher boat parties, so MAKE SURE YOU BUY YOUR PASSPORT TO BAG YOUR PLACE!!

Day 11: Tuesday 11th October

PJ Party

7:00 pm, Reynolds Bar

Price: £4 (within passport)

A really relaxed night, in which the entire Student Union and faculty members jump into their pyjamas and spend a “night in”.
It’s a night to come and relax in Reynolds with films, food and great company!

Day 12: Wednesday 12th October

Sports Night

7:00 pm, Reynolds

Price: FREE

Wednesday nights are Sports nights at the Reynolds, and they are always rammed! We usually celebrate our sporting victories (losses are few and far between!) but on this, the very first sports night of the year, this is an opportunity to get to know your fellow teammates, and be welcomed into the club!

After you’ve joined in on the antics at your club’s circle, invade the dance floor with your team mates and party the night away in true Reynolds style!

Day 13: Thursday 13th October

School of Medicine Welcome Dinner (Black Tie) & Afterparty

Queen’s Tower Rooms, South Kensington

Afterparty at the Imperial College Union, Beit Building, South Kensington

Price: £20 (within passport – passport holders only)

After all of this partying it’s time to dress up and get classy. The staff at the faculty of medicine welcome you to their school over a scrumptious 3 course meal.

It will be a stunning night and what more? It’s included in the price of your passport! Make sure you get those suits/dresses dry cleaned as you will need to look dapper. Tickets will be lim- ited and you will have to present your passport during Freshers’ Fortnight to collect a ticket.

(There will be a limited number available for non- passport holders to buy during freshers’ fortnight).

Day 14: Friday 14th October

Freshers’ Review & Beach Bop

7:30 pm, Reynolds

Price: £5 (within passport)

As the fortnight draws to a close, it’s time to look over the past two weeks. There are shameful photos, ridiculous videos and awards for those who have impressed us the most! Come down and reminisce with your friends for a short while before the Reynolds fills up with the rest of the med school for your FIRST EVER BOP!

That’s right, the summer may be over but tonight the Reynolds is gonna be feelin’ hot hot hot! So whip out those Hawaiian shirts, bikinis, t-shirts, flip-flops and shorts, and let loose for the return of the beach party!

With top tunes playing all night, the bar is going to be trans-formed into the ultimate beach paradise with palm trees, classic seaside attractions and other goodies!

This will be the first of many bops in your time here, so get ready to dress up and boogie all night!

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