Medical Electives in Nepal

Are your medical students looking for a complete package of informative, educational and aesthetic electives- an overall enlightening experience? This might be just the opportunity to kick start their career!

 Internship Nepal brings to you packages of Medical Electives 2017! We start the season with a whole new dynamics in a blend of enthusiasm, improvement and reliability. Internship Nepal Announces limited vacancy for Electives 2017!

Is this the appropriate time for medical students at your university to plan for an electives abroad? Do let them know what’s on offer!

 While all this, our hugely regarded Medical Electives program is more objective-driven than ever; the program comes blended with following inclusions and activities:

·         Accommodations – Food / Wi-Fi/ at surprisingly affordable costs

·         Placements in some of the most prominent hospitals of Nepal- Kathmandu Model HospitalTribhuvan University Teaching Hospital and Kanti Children’s Hospital

·         The hospital staffs are extremely welcoming; Students will assist the local doctors and nurses in performing surgeries

·         Students applying for the elective program will be placed in a home stay with a very hospitable host family

·         Regular Hikes/trips/tours inside and outside Kathmandu valley

·         Guaranteed continuous guidance and individual support to the students from trained professional/s

·         Practical, competitive and pro-active approach on the field as is demanded by this line of work

·         Professional and strict evaluation at the end of the electives

Do spread a word among the students about this marvelous opportunity!

For additional information, be sure to check out Medical Electives section on our website.

 Students can email us directly at or visit our website for more information.

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