Hello everyone!

We’re Dan and Rajiv, your Clubs & Socs team for this year.
We’re both going into 4th year to study our intercalated BSc, but it’s not just Medicine we’re passionate about, but ICSM too!

Your Clubs & Societies will be what shapes your experience at Imperial, and we’re there to handle any questions or concerns you may have during your time here, and ensure that they run as smoothly as possible.

When it comes to Arts Dinner, Sports Dinner, Varsity, budgeting, or day to day running of your Club, we’ll be your first port of call, so no matter how big or small the problem, whether you’re on committee or a member, feel free to drop us a line at (Dan, Clubs & Societies Officer), or (Rajiv, Management Group Treasurer) and we’ll be able to sort everything out for you.

Looking for a club to join? Use these pages to have a browse of the Clubs & Socs offered here at ICSM. Check out their web pages, Facebook Pages etc., there really is a club for everyone! So get browsing, get joining, and get enjoying the best bunch of people you’ll meet!