Medsin-Imperial is a branch of a global network, which was established to encourage students from all academic disciplines at Imperial College to engage with the discussion of global health and to participate in the bettering of healthcare on a global and local level. We have an array of fun activities planned in the year ahead and encourage all to attend.

Mini-Global Health Course
Come along to our Mini-Global Health Course to discover more about health issues from some of the most distinguished people in their field. Debate about controversial humanitarian issues which are currently affecting us, previous debate topics include: private versus public healthcare, the role of the Catholic Church in HIV transmission and prevention and the WHO and millennium goal achievements.

Global Health Conference
Our calendar highlight is a single day conference for individuals who are interested in the current status of global health. Internationally renowned speakers will deliver lectures and guide discussion for conference delegates and share their experiences of working towards better global health.

Additional Activities
We contribute to national and international campaigns for HIV/AIDS awareness and campaigns for access to essential medicines for the developing world. We host enjoyable fundraising events for charities associated with these, including Union club nights, pub quizzes, pub crawls, and dodge ball tournaments to draw attention to the issues and raise money. In addition, we will also be conducting a variety of projects / competitions throughout the year to inspire passionate individuals encourage the development of their ideas.

Come along and join one of the most exciting and friendly societies at Imperial, and meet passionate, like-minded people – share ideas, campaign, volunteer or maybe even start your own project!

Interested in finding out more? Come see us at Freshers Fair and don’t hesitate to contact us at!


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Committee Details:


Ann Tivey

Kavian Kulasabanathan

Treasurer: Kamil McClelland

Secretary: Farheen Ebrahim