The Gazette is the official magazine of ICSM. It has a proud and lengthy history; the first issue of St Mary’s Hospital Gazette appeared in January 1895 to build ‘a bond of union between young and old’ and ‘a channel of intercommunication for St Mary’s men, wherever situated’. Its first editor was Dr H.A. Caley, then a Registrar who later became Dean of St Mary’s in 1899. It appeared ten times a year and was edited by members of the Hospital staff. C.M. Wilson, Dean of St Mary’s and subsequently personal physician to Winston Churchill, President of the Royal College of Physicians and ennobled as Lord Moran, was editor from 1919 until 1930. Thereafter medical students edited the Gazette. Even during the Second World War when paper was in short supply, the Gazette continued to come out on schedule.The ICSM Gazette also owes some of its heritage to the Charing Cross Gazette, as well as the student produced Westminster Speculum magazine. Following the merger of these medical schools to form ICSM the first Gazette was published in February 2001. It also is student written and edited. During the current tenure the Gazette has been published termly, although financial difficulties in 2008 meant only two Gazettes were published.

Today the Gazette is read by over 3000 alumni of St Mary’s, Charing Cross and Imperial College medical schools, and also by current students.

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Committee Details:

Editor: Diana Newman

Treasurer: Ali Ijaz

Secretary: Thomas Elliot