Society for Research and Academia (SORA)

SORA – Society for Research and Academia

ICSM Society of Research and Academia is a student-run body, which aims to help medical students develop an interest in research and increase engagement into academic medicine. Whether or not you know which path to take in medicine, ICSM SORA can assist in building the foundation bases from year 1 onwards!
With one of the largest membership base in ICSM, encompassing all years of the medical school, the society aims to promote participation into academia by hosting a number of talks, workshops and conferences. Our main events such as The National Conference and Young Researchers’ Conference have not only provided students the inspiration to produce their own publications, but also the opportunity to illustrate to other students and professors what research they’ve been involved in.
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Committee Details:


Anita Sri


Tana Peripanathan


Shahvaiz Hussain