Weights and Fitness (St Mary’s Gym)

Weights and Fitness (St Mary’s Gym)

ICSM Weights and Fitness, a Gym based out of St Marys Hospital, Paddington has long been a pillar of Medical School life. Founded in 1988 in the basement of the legendary St Marys Hospital Medical School, it has helped sculpt and develop the fine athletes of ICSM. “The Farm” has long been recognised as the key to Varsity and United Hospital dominance for the sports of ICSM.

Run by fellow Students, we offer the people what they want. We boast the largest free weight arena in Imperial, with dumbbells extending to 60kg and two powerlifting cages; strength training is at a premium here at St Marys Gym. We are a 10min warm up run (across Hyde Park) from the South Kensington Campus, which is much less than the time you will spend waiting for a bench/rack in Ethos.

For those of you interested in “anti-gains”, we have two treadmills, rowing machines, bikes and cross trainers at your disposal. Coupled with the large matted stretching area, you really can do it all here, at St Marys Gym.

Membership is £45 for the academic year; feel free to drop us any questions at mgym@imperial.ac.uk.

“The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character.”

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Committee Details:

President: Alexander Scarborough

Treasurer: James Morris

Senior Secretary: Anthony Rayner