ICSM Squash is for you! Whether you are a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, we welcome everyone: guys, girls…even IC (just ask our Mathematician Treasurer!).

Join ICSM squash if you want to play an exciting, high-intensity game (you can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour of squash) that is for all shapes and sizes. It is the perfect stress-relieving game. Located just a stone’s throw away from our beloved Reynolds building, and for the cheap price of £2 per session, it is the ideal sport to fit into a busy university life.

We offer sessions every Wednesday and Sunday from 2:15 pm until 4:30 pm with 4 courts available for use. If you do not have your own equipment or footwear, do not despair as we provide everything you need for free, just turn up in your gym clothes! It is a relaxed atmosphere, but for those of you with a competitive side, we will hold a year round squash ladder, where the faster you sign up, the higher you will start. Once again, all standards are encouraged to sign up, as competition is a great way to improve fast. On Sundays, there will be training for those who want it, as well as the chance to play casually or for the ladder.

ICSM squash also has strong Men’s and Women’s teams that compete in the ULU leagues. Captained by Eric Nguyen and Jalpa Kotecha respectively, we are looking for the best Imperial has to offer so that we can represent ICSM proudly! Keep your eyes peeled for information on tryouts and a 5-man team travelling away to NAMS (an annual medical school squash competition) on Facebook

Our socials are often held after our Wednesday sessions, led by our insulin-wielding Tom Butters (ask him for more on the insulin!), with the focus on actual socialising rather than drinking. Not only will we be making trips to local restaurants, we will also be looking to arrange bowling and paintballing trips, along with attending comedy nights, over which the club’s members can bond and really get to know each other.  We also attend the larger Reynolds events, such as Centurion and the main sports nights, in full voice with renditions such as ‘We Will Squash You’ (to the tune of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’). As if all this wasn’t enough, we will also have a couple of tours arranged annually, with all of the club’s members having a say in the venues!

So, if any of this sounds appealing to you, come along to our stall at Freshers’ Fayre and a free squash session and see for yourself why ISCM squash is for you.

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Committee Details:

President: Samuel Ensor

Treasurer: Jacob Bradshaw

Secretary: Chi Fung