Ladies Hockey


Ladies Hockey

Do you want to have the most fun? Would you like to go on the best tours, make the greatest friends, and do all this whilst playing some fantastic sport? Then ICSM Ladies Hockey Club is the club for you!Whether you’ve played for England, played for your school or never played at all, we have a spot in the hockey club for you. Known for our fantastic fancy dress, superb socials and marvellous meals, we know how to have fun in style, and would love for you to come and join us, whether you’re a new fresher or an old hand in ICSM-life.

We have over 50 members and field three teams every Wednesday, with a level of hockey suitable for all; so there really is no excuse to not come and play! We also have a Saturday side, where players from all three teams, as well as alumni, turn out to play. For this side its not your skill-level that’s important, but your enthusiasm. If you’ve sworn your soul to one of the other clubs, then fear not, the hockey club will welcome you to play on a Saturday with us!

We play in both BUCS and ULU leagues and train every Monday at a great pitch just a small minibus ride away in Chiswick. Last season was one of the best yet, as our first team narrowly missed out on promotion – the goal for next season. The second and third teams also had some very exciting matches and impressive wins at home and away.

On top of playing as much or as little hockey as you like we have a full social calendar! On Wednesdays we dominate the Reynold’s Sports Nights in our tremendous fancy dress. With a different theme every week – previous themes including smurfs, grannies and a Harry Potter extravaganza – you’ll soon have a fancy dress box to die for! Not to mention the many team dinners, club dinners and booze bowling among other events.

We at ICSM Ladies Hockey love our tours. Every October, the Ladies club joins the men’s club and journey to Oxford for a notorious weekend filled with tradition and merriment. It’s a fantastic weekend, with a little hockey and a lot of fun. But that is just the start of it… We also have an annual pre-season tour before the autumn term, and the sporadic international tour (the last one was to Barbados!!!).

The hockey love is not confined to tours or the hockey pitch or the Reynolds bar: we really care about the people who join. Notes get passed down; 4th year girls act as OSCE tutors for the 3rd years, and everyone pitches in to help run the mock OSCE for them.

In joining the hockey club, you don’t just join a sports club; you become a member of a tight knit group of friends who are there to support you as well as have incredible fun with. We hope to see you soon!

If you’d like to know more about the best club at Imperial, including how to get involved, visit our website at: or email us on the contact details on the right  – we would love to hear from you! 

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Committee Details

Club Captain: Fiona Field

Treasurer: Tirion Swart

Secretary: Sally White