Men’s Hockey


Men’s Hockey

Imperial Medics Hockey Club is the perfect mix between great sport and fantastic social activities. We have 4 teams playing every week so whether you’ve never picked up a stick or you’ve played for years, we have a team for you. Our training is every Monday evening with matches on Wednesdays and some Sundays. We even have our own Saturday team for those that really love their hockey!

The fun continues off the pitch with our legendary socials; so good that some members join just for them! From our domination in the Reynolds Bar (where the medics host their sports nights) to many more events happening throughout the year, such as pub crawls, black tie events etc ICSMHC are always heavily involved! The stand-out highlights of the year are our tours both nationally and internationally. At the start of the year, join us on our tour to Oxford to introduce you to both the men’s and, most importantly, the ladies’ club. Our destinations further afield have included Barcelona, Prague and even the legendary Narnia.

So what are you waiting for? Make your time at ICSM even more incredible with Imperial Medics Hockey Club.

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Committee Details:

Club Captain: Matt Baker

Treasurer: Matthew Baldry

Secretary: Jack Cope