Coming off the back of a truly amazing season, Darts is returning at full strength for the 13-14 campaign. If you’ve ever watched darts you’ll doubtless realise that the focus is on anything but the triple twenty. Home matches invariably draw enthusiastic support from the Reynolds faithful, away matches usually bring disapproving looks as our star players fling arrows into the walls, ceiling, nearby electrical fittings and occasionally innocent bystanders.ICSMDC mostly plays its matches around West London; however our recent Preseason Tour was a massive success as we showcased our complete lack of any form of sporting talent to the locals. We will doubtless be taking our show on the road again next year.Darts welcomes just about anybody – boys and girls are both greeted with open arms and sometimes open legs too. Anybody who’s actually seen a darts board before would be especially welcome. You don’t have to commit to every single event, you’re welcome to come for a couple of matches and see what all the fuss is about. Darts takes place outside of the usual Wednesday sports slot, so even if you’re passionately committed to something less fun or actually good at sports you’ll still have time for a weekly shafting courtesy of ICSMDC.
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Committee Details:

Chair: Gregory Hatfield

Treasurer: David Smith

Secretary: Olivia Tibieri