Whether you’re a pro on the courts, just love the game or if you’re looking for something new, ICSM Basketball is the club for you!

The club welcomes players of all levels and is a great way to make new friends on and off the court.  Both the men’s and the women’s team have weekly training sessions every Sunday at City of Westminster and King Soloman Academy.  We also organise social events throughout the year and at the end of the season – during summer – we have outdoor sessions for everyone.

Aside from the social aspect, ICSM Basketball continues to develop and remains very competitive. The 2012/13 season saw our women’s team remain in ascendance whilst the men’s team achieved 2nd and 3rd places in the BUCS (South Eastern 4A) and LUSL (Division 1) respectively.

We need you to build on this success!

So come find us at freshers’ fair and sign up! You can also drop us an email at if you have any questions.

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Committee Details:

President: Rasheed Rabiu

Treasurer: Rishi Iyer

Secretary: Miriam Zegeye