Here at ICSM Badminton we welcome everybody, being a club of both medics and non-medics. We cater to all levels, from complete beginners to those trying out for our teams. We have 4 great teams who compete in the BUCS and LUSL leagues: Men’s 1st and 2nds, Ladies 1st and Mixed – I know our great captains would love to meet you!

We run weekly social sessions where all can come and play. Throughout the year we have some great social events – the Netherlands tour over New Year is one of the highlights. As well as Freshers’ dinners, Christmas dinners, and of course the much loved sports nights. We also have our annual trip to watch the All England badminton championships and run social tournaments, where everyone can try their hand at play compevely. We pride ourselves on being the friendliest and most inclusive club possible, and can guarantee. So come see us at Freshers’ fair and we can tell you more about why you should join ICSM badminton.

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Committee Details:

Club Captain: Ella Robertson

Treasurer: William Kerridge-Johns

Secretary: Emma Woodcock