Clinical Placement Student Interviews

London Medicine are a group that consists of the Heads of schools of medicine, dentistry and associated clinical academic institutions in London. All of the five London medical schools are members of London Medicine. We carry out work on the key issues that affect medical schools and their students. You can find more information on our website here.

One of the key topics we are currently working on is that of undergraduate clinical placements. Within this we have been looking at issues including how placements are funded, the quality of placements, and the availability of placements.

As part of our work on undergraduate clinical placements we are now setting up face-to-face meetings with medical students for an informal chat in order to discuss your views and experiences of clinical placements in more detail. If you would be happy to take part in this please let me know and myself or a colleague will come and meet with you over coffee for up to 30 minutes to talk about your experience of placements. This would take place in April or May 2017, and we’re happy to work around your timetable to find a convenient time to meet. My email address is Any information you provide will be anonymised.

Through carrying out these meetings and discussions we hope to find out more on how placements could be improved to better meet the needs of students. This information will then be shared with the members of London Medicine, including the Heads of London’s five medical schools, and so the findings will be used to drive improvements in the placements system.

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