Medicine Unboxed

Medicine Unboxed: MAPS – 25-26 November 2017, Parabola Arts Centre, Cheltenham, UK Call for Participation in Medicine Unboxed Students

Closing date: Midnight Sunday 16 July 2017

Medicine Unboxed aims to inspire conversation in society and healthcare. Practiced now in a world of extraordinary scientific and therapeutic advances, medicine nonetheless faces huge ethical, political and social challenges. Medicine Unboxed engages the general public with healthcare professionals to explore wider questions around life, social justice, illness and mortality. We believe the arts can illuminate these questions, bring us to debate, foster awe, wonder, and perhaps even humility.

Our events – Unboxed (2009), Stories (2010), Values (2011), Belief (2012), Voice (2013), Frontiers (2014), Mortality (2015), Wonder (2016) – are theatrical, moving and challenging, and draw sell-out audiences of over three hundred people. We bring writers, politicians, philosophers, musicians, performers and theologians into dialogue with patients and clinicians, indeed all of us who will one day be patients.

We are inviting applications for this year’s Medicine Unboxed student interns. Our interns are integral to the running of Medicine Unboxed events and also present their own original work and ideas within the events. Presentations are fifteen minutes long including time for questions, and can take any form at all; in fact, the more creative the better. We welcome and encourage applications from all student disciplines, including art, drama, music, medicine, literary studies, philosophy and allied health subjects. All travel expenses will be remunerated and accommodation arranged.

Applications should be 500 words long and specify: name, presentation title, planned format, contact details including email and mobile phone number, educational institution and subject being studied. The closing date for applications is midnight Sunday 16 July 2017. The four winning interns will be announced on Friday 4 August 2017. Please send all applications and any enquiries to