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Welcome to ICSMSU Careers, I’m James Palmer and I’m the Alumni & Careers Officer for 2017-18.

ICSMSU has many careers focused societies. “What do you want to specialise in?” is a question students are bombarded with on a daily basis, so it is important to make an informed decision. There are many events and activities out there that will allow you to explore the different specialities, follow your interests and start thinking about what type of Doctor you want to be. We also work in partnership with ICSM Careers, the School of Medicine run arm of Careers to put on events such as the annual ICSM Careers Fair.

For information about services and events provided by the Faculty of Medicine, have a look at the Careers section on Blackboard.


Current Careers Societies

As of August 2017 the following Careers societies are part of ICSM:

  1. Anaethestics & Intensive Care Society
  2. British Medical Association Society
  3. Dermatology Society
  4. General Practice Society
  5. Geriatrics and Elderly Medicine
  6. Heart Society (Cardiology)
  7. Immunology Society
  8. MedSin (Global Health)
  9. MedTech
  10. Neuroscience Society
  11. Obstetrics & Gynaecology Society
  12. Oncology Society
  13. Ophthalmology Society
  14. Paediatrics Society
  15. Pathology Society
  16. Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine
  17. Psychiatry Society
  18. Society for International Medicine Careers
  19. Society of Research and Academia
  20. Sports and Exercise Medicine Society
  21. Surgical Society


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